$18M to Fund Greater Health Equity


Health equity is a key indicator of a successful society, where everyone has equal access to resources and the opportunity to achieve their full health potential. Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity trains promising young professionals in the fundamentals of health disparities and how to build more fair and inclusive communities. Since they began in 2016, the program has grown to 267 fellows across seven programs and five continents. Now with an additional $18 million in funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies, Atlantic Fellows can amplify their impact and operate through 2026.

Atlantic Fellows looks for leaders across various disciplines, including law, economics, medicine, and public health management. Each year, fellows are chosen from around the world to tackle 21st-century health problems, including reducing the global impact of dementia and achieving health equity in South Africa, Southeast Asia, and the United States. After completing the 12-month training program, fellows continue to receive ongoing support from the global network to achieve more equitable health outcomes for the communities they serve. LEARN MORE