5 Strengths That Keep Every Family Strong


Strong families make strong communities where children thrive. While every family has challenges, they also have strengths that they can draw upon during difficult times. Understanding how to build upon your family's strengths in five essential areas can help you feel more confident, less stressed, and better connected to your children. Since its beginning over 40 years ago, CAPS has been the leader in preventing child abuse and neglect in Elkhart County.

Help Kids Understand Feelings
When you help your children understand feelings, they feel safe and valued and develop the confidence to solve their own problems. You may even spend less time managing misbehavior. Kids who learn how to express and manage their emotions do better in school and have stronger friendships.

Parenting as Children Grow
Being a great parent doesn't come naturally. The truth is that every family learns as they go. Gaining knowledge of parenting and child development can help you set realistic expectations, encourage positive behaviors, and feel prepared for new challenges as children grow.

Connecting with Others
Building a network of social connections can offer you the opportunity to give and get practical support and celebrate your successes. Talking things over with trusted friends or family can help you recharge and see problems in a new way. Feeling valued and understood and knowing you can turn to others for acceptance, advice, or a helping hand can help you to be a happier and more confident parent.

Building Inner Strength
Raising a family is stressful. Staying strong and flexible when things get tough can help you guide your family through challenges. Knowing how to tap into that inner strength builds parental resilience. Parental resilience means managing your feelings, solving problems with a clear head, taking care of yourself, and sheltering your kids, even when things are difficult.

Knowing How to Find Help
Sooner or later, every family needs help. Although asking isn't always easy, recognizing your family's needs and reaching out to others for support is a sign of strength. Knowing how to accept help when it is offered can teach your kids courage and resourcefulness.