A Safe Space for Young Fire Victims


Known for operating out of colorful shipping containers and school buses, The Schoolbox Project provides trauma-informed education, art, and play to children of war. In addition to their work with refugees, they also organize emergency relief efforts for victims of natural disasters in the United States. They have recently assembled a child-friendly site for the students and family members of Anova's Sonoma School, a place that serves children and young people with learning disabilities and just one of the thousands of structures destroyed by the devastating wildfires that overtook Northern California wine country last week.

When news that Anova had perished in the fire, The Schoolbox Project joined forces with The Northern California Volleyball Association and Matrix Parent Network to set up trauma-relief for those with moderate to severe exceptionalities. Mental health professionals, behaviorists, and trauma experts are being asked to volunteer. Donations including sensory toys and art supplies are also needed. Find out all the ways you can help HERE.