An Imbalance In Educational Opportunity


With the Assistance ratio of 65% female and 35% male, Iran has many students supported by A More Balanced World (AMBW); 50% at the university level with several in masters and three in doctoral degree programs.

In Iran, education is theoretically free through 12th grade. Literacy among men is a whopping 90%, and for women, an incredible 81%. Close to 60% of the Iranian population now lives under the poverty line. Traditional public schools still charge for books and uniforms and fees that amount to high tuition that remains unaffordable for many.

Although cultural commitment to education is high in Iran, many families must withdraw their children from school due to financial considerations. When these difficult choices have to be made by families, more often than not, the girls are denied an education. AMBW strives to intervene and enable girls to have continued access to education.