Bay Area Students Invited to UN Climate Change Simulation


Climate change is a matter of urgency, with extreme weather conditions and natural disasters at an all-time high. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment requires global cooperation, in which the next generation will play a crucial role in leading the charge. On November 9th, the World Affairs Council (WAC) invites Bay Area students to participate in a UN Climate Change Conference simulation, helping them broaden their understanding of these issues and the role that global policy plays.

WAC has partnered with Climate Interactive, which offers simulation models and interactive tools to help people see the connections and play out real-world climate change scenarios. Together, they will be giving students the chance to act as global leaders to negotiate the Paris Agreement. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice. The hope is for them will walk away with a greater perspective on the environmental challenges facing global policymakers today and what it takes to build a brighter future. LEARN MORE