Be a Champion for Women’s Rights


Global Fund for Women (GFW) is one of the world's leading foundations for defending human rights for women and girls. Based in San Francisco, they provide grants, community, and support services for grassroots efforts around the world, empowering local women to make lasting change for themselves and others in their community. The HAND Foundation has contributed to GFW as part of its work to champion the advancement of women and girls. Find out what you can do to get involved with GFW's 8-step toolkit. A few of their tips include:

    • Learn the facts. Understanding the issues around women's rights and identifying what causes matter to you most will help guide your involvement.
    • Stay informed. Subscribe to GFW's newsletter or follow them and other groups on social media to hear stories from the ground and calls to action.
    • Spread the word. Share women's stories on social media and spark conversations to increase awareness and advance the movement.
    • Donate. One of the best ways to support women is by investing in them. Make a donation or become a monthly donor. Understand your impact by reviewing GFW's Annual Report.

For the complete list, please go HERE.