Best Practices for New Foundation Leaders


A good foundation board is essential for a healthy organization. Board members are visionaries and fiduciaries, responsible for implementing sound governance, financial management, and guiding the foundation to a sustainable future. While some board members are seasoned philanthropists, others are just starting out. Kris Putnam-Walkerly, author and philanthropy advisor, and Forbes share best practices for ensuring an effective board.

  • Avoid making things overly complex. Some boards confuse complexity with vigilance, creating unnecessary hoops. Think about the simplest way to achieve your objectives.
  • Have an abundant mindset. Investing in your organization is the key to growing it!
  • Never stop learning. Taking time to delve into your organization's interest area will enhance your ability to be an effective leader. The best boards embrace a learning culture.
  • Seek out community input. Nobody understands the needs of the people you are trying to serve better than they do. Create a forum to collect community feedback and respond to concerns.

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