Bezos Commits $2B to Help Society's Most Vulnerable


Jeff Bezos has just Tweeted plans to invest $2 billion to fund preschool programs for low-income families and help the homeless. The Amazon founder, who holds the world's largest personal fortune, has received criticism for his lack of philanthropic involvement. After soliciting public input last year, Bezos finally joins the distinct group of billionaires making mega donations to tackle society's deepest problems.

Drawing from his own childhood, Bezos plans to build a network of 'Montessori-like' preschools to ensure low-income children don't fall behind. He and wife MacKenzie will also be giving to homeless shelters, where there's an overwhelming need in the Bay Area right now. This is the tip of the charitable iceberg for Bezos, who plans to give away "a lot of money," but has been relatively tight-lipped about the details. LEARN MORE