Black Women Walk for Change


GirlTrek began in 1996 with two college friends who believed in the importance of self-care. Today, over 165,000 African American women and girls have taken the GirlTrek pledge. The idea is simple - sign up to walk - but the effects are powerful. Inspired by the legacy of civil rights walking campaigns, Black women are walking for healthier lives and communities.

The mission of GirlTrek is to inspire one million African American women to make walking a daily habit. Participants can sign up for local walks, or monthly advocacy events and challenges. By choosing self-care, women are advocating for their self-worth and inspiring other women to do the same. Through this act, they are also strengthening community bonds, improving neighborhood safety, and reclaiming green spaces. HAND is a proud supporter of this feminist health movement - check out their website for ways you can get involved!