Breaking the Cycle of Violence: One Youth at a Time

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award winning non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime and incarceration of teens. Through FLY's unique and powerful combination of programs, youth get off probation, get engaged in school, and get back on track with their lives. Each year, FLY helps 2,000 youth who are either part of the Santa Clara and San Mateo juvenile justice system or are "at-risk" of entering the system. The non-profit helps to develop important life skills like empathy, problem solving, and anger management. In the process participants gain an understanding and respect for a legal system that previously only seemed punitive.

FLY includes three main programs: Law, Leadership Training, and One-on-One Mentoring. The 12-week Law Program is based on research which shows that the more kids are exposed to legal education, the less likely they are to breaking the law. As such, the interactive courses involve role-playing and cover a range of topics including theft, vandalism, unlawful sex, hate crimes, drugs and alcohol, Proposition 21, and gangs. The Leadership Training is open to youth who have gone through the Law Program and have the desire to continue making changes in their lives. FLY youth are also connected with positive adult role models whose guidance helps them realize their potential and set goals for their future. In addition to One-on-One Mentoring, the Leadership Training also includes group activities, a 3-day wilderness retreat, ongoing service learning projects, and group activities that connect youth to positive settings. Please visit FLY's page if you would like to get involved in this cause.