Bringing Death Out of the Shadows and Into the Light


For most Americans, death is an uncomfortable subject. The fear around pain, saying goodbye to loved ones, and the uncertainty of what's to come, is better left unsaid. Not according to Zen Hospice Project. The San Francisco-based organization and HAND grant recipient wants us to rethink the way we face death. Through open conversation, caregiver support and education, and unprecedented care, they help people find connection and emotional healing at the end of life.

Zen Hospice Project began giving care to Bay Area residents back in 1987. Emerging out of the San Francisco AIDs crisis, they provided hospice care to the societally shunned. Reopening in 2010, their Guest House is a six-bed sanctuary for the terminally ill. In addition to providing high-touch care, they educate family members and caregivers. Their unique Mindful Caregiver Education utilizes social, medical, and spiritual practices to help achieve greater compassion and avoid burnout. Zen Hospice Project stands to show us that, by facing death head-on, we can embrace life more fully. LEARN MORE