Building Schools to Rebuild Hope


Be Aware and Share (BAAS) brings integration and awareness to culturally-charged regions. The Swiss nonprofit was founded in 2015 in response to the European refugee crisis. While initially focused on emergency relief efforts, BAAS is now looking at the long game: building cross-cultural connections amongst displaced people and their hosts. Through classrooms, media and cultural events, BAAS is helping to educate and build awareness in these vulnerable areas.

One of its projects includes Refugee Education Chios, a series of schools offering safety, education, and a sense of normalcy to the refugees that land in Chios. The Greek island was a major bottleneck for refugees fleeing to Europe when BAAS opened its first school to 25 children in 2016. The curriculum includes English, math, and special projects taught in a way that sparks imagination and play. The program has since expanded to include a high school and a youth center serving over 350 children and youth.