CBS Pledges $20M to Combat Sexual Harassment


In the midst of viral campaigns and #MeToo movements, company leaders are being ousted left and right for bad behavior, and CBS is no different. The billion-dollar broadcasting company's former CEO is currently under investigation for sexual harassment and abuse of power. In the wake of these accusations, CBS appears to be making a start on its promise to fight sexual harassment: the company announced the recipients of a $20 million grant to improve workplace culture, strengthen gender equity, and provide support to victims.

While Les Moonves has been removed from the company, the former CBS CEO was set to receive a $120 million severance payout. Then TIME'S UP issued an open letter, urging CBS to use that money to help women instead. The celebrity-led movement is one of the named grant recipients, along with The New York Women's Foundation (and 16 others). The Foundation launched the Me Too Movement and Allies fund in May, raising $3.5 million with little philanthropic support until now. This hefty grant is a reminder of the important role philanthropy can and should play to fight sexual assault and harassment. LEARN MORE