Can Silicon Valley's Approach Work for Purpose and Profit?


As it stands, we are far from achieving our 2030 global sustainability goals. The trillions of dollars required to hit the mark are extreme and unrealistic; what's needed is a fresh approach. This week, the World Affairs Council will host an important thinktank on applying the grit, ambition, and scale of Silicon Valley towards global development.

It's a time of innovation, with for-profits and nonprofits alike swapping out traditional techniques for newer, faster ones. They are taking carefully calculated chances, embracing quick feedback loops, and seeking out new business models that promise mass impact and scale. But can the same mindset of Silicon Valley's booming tech industry apply to social challenges? With some adjustments - yes. Ann Mei Chang, author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good, and Russ Siegelman, former Chairman of the Board of the Global Innovation Fund and lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business will lead a compelling discussion on how. Buy your tickets now. LEARN MORE