#Charity: Connecting non-profits and tech professionals

The hashtag went from being an obscure button on touch-tone phones to a meta-tag used in all social media platforms. President Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign helped popularize the hashtag when users on Twitter were asked to pose any question to then Presidential candidate by using "#AskObama". Since then, hashtags have been used by philanthropists to raise awareness, promote causes, and help raise money for non-profits.

For the longest time, many non-profits that lacked resources to develop an online presence went unnoticed. Now, thanks to a new non-profit organization, #Charity, there is a hashtag specifically for recruiting IT volunteers to work for small non-profit organizations that need technological consultations. #Charity,is the only platform on the Internet that connects non-profits with tech professionals to work on high-tech projects.

Non-profits register with #Charity and create a profile page that lists what their technology needs are. #Charity employs a sophisticated algorithm that matches IT pros with projects based on the fit of their skills and interest.
To register your non-profit with #Charity, please click here.