Child Maltreatment is a Preventable Problem


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and April 8 is World Day for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Healing, and Justice

Each year, 7,500,000 children in the United States are affected by abuse. Five children die every day from child abuse, and 70 percent of all child fatalities were younger than three years old. The most important thing we can do to help children thrive is to support, educate, and come together as a community before they reach a crisis. We all need to do our part to prevent child abuse, and education is our best defense. 

Child maltreatment, also known as child abuse, is not only physical abuse. It covers emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, trafficking, exploitation, shaken baby syndrome, and domestic violence.

  • 74.9% Child abuse victims are neglected
  • 80.1% of cases parents are the abuser
  • 65,000 sexual abuse cases are reported

HAND grantee, CAPS offers programs and resources to ensure every child lives a life free from abuse and neglect. 

The American Society of the Positive Care of Children offers educational resources through their Learning Center for parents and caregivers related to all aspects of positive child care.

This April is a time to raise awareness and empower our communities to effect positive change.