China Ramps Up Conservation Efforts


China has historically lagged behind in its environmental responsibilities, more often associated with mass carbon emissions, illegal wildlife poaching, and poor air quality than conservation. That has all begun to change. Since 2010, donations from top philanthropists have tripled and the number of Chinese billionaires now nears 600. With this recent surge in wealth, environmentalism has become a focal point for Chinese donors and He Qiaonv is quickly becoming a global leader in wildlife conservation.

The successful businesswoman and founder of Beijing Orient Landscape plans to give $1.5 billion to wildlife conservation over the next seven years, marking the largest personal commitment to the field known today. To start, $20 million will go to the wild cat conservation group, Panthera, and Oxford's wildlife research unit, WildCRU. It will also be used to build out conservation programs in Africa and China, as well as fund wildlife management training programs for newly established Chinese conservation sites. Jack Ma's environmental stance has been well-documented over the years, and now with He Qiaonv and others stepping up, China is promising to be a leader in green initiatives. LEARN MORE