Climate Change Prize Awards Many


This month, The Keeling Curve Prize is about to kick off its second year of funding. Named after one of the most recognizable climate data sets, it welcomes grant proposals from teams targeting climate change. Contrary to the running 'big bet' philanthropy trend, The Keeling Curve Prize rewards a range of new ideas and solutions.

Each year, the prize grants $25,000 to 10 recipients. In addition to funding, winners gain access to a network of supporters to help fuel their projects. Last year's chosen projects varied considerably, from a Kenyan startup bringing solar-charged batteries to rural homes, to a software company that maximizes the use of renewable energy.

The theme of this year's prize is "From many seeds, the solutions grow." Global warming is extremely complex and requires a diverse response. Philanthropy efforts like this one are key to testing out many solutions and then helping to scale the ones that work. LEARN MORE