Closing the Opportunity Gap for Local Boys & Girls


Most of us think of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP) as an important after-school program that keeps at-risk youth out of trouble. But with Silicon Valley's economic disparity at an all-time high, BGCP recognizes that it takes much more to lead disadvantaged youth to a brighter future. Known as "BGCP 3.0", the organization has teamed up with families and local schools to engage kids in learning to improve educational outcomes.

Today, college is almost mandatory for securing a job that can support the Bay Area's high cost of living. For the communities that BGCP serves, college can feel like a big leap: 43 percent of these students are either homeless or in foster care and only seven percent have a parent with a college degree. BGCP's after school and summer programs bridge the gap by extending the learning day, bringing students access to tutoring and mentorship, exposure to engaging new electives, and college and career prep.

This year, they are working with Redwood City School District on a two-month summer program for qualifying first through fifth graders, with extensive instruction in English, math, and STEM. In partnership with Aim High, their high school program also includes internships at places like Google and LinkedIn. Through its collaborative efforts, BGCP is ensuring Silicon Valley's abundant opportunities are accessible to all. LEARN MORE