Community Foundation Strengthens Economic Security in Bay Area


Since its formation in 2007, Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) has become the largest community foundation in the world, matching donors to local and global beneficiaries. Over the last decade, SVCF has granted over $4.3 billion, of which $2.3 billion has gone to local organizations. As they commemorate their 10-year anniversary, economic security has been named a top priority and local groups have submitted proposals to strengthen low and middle-income families in the Bay Area.

Two grant recipients have been named, with $100,000 going to both MyPath Credit and E-FAST. In partnership with Self-Help, MyPath Credit is the only youth-centered credit building program in the U.S. today, helping low and mid-income 18-24 year-olds build and repair damaged credit.

E-FAST, a program from AnewAmerica Community Corporation and Centro Community Partners, serves low-income and immigrant communities. Together they offer prospective entrepreneurs a digital platform to build their business skills and access non-predatory capital and networking opportunities.

The Bay Area's widening income gap has spurred many philanthropists to take action. SVCF's focus on providing financial education to marginalized groups has made them a significant player in the movement for financial inclusion. LEARN MORE