Cracking the Code to End Exploitation


Human trafficking is a pervasive crime, claiming over 40 million victims worldwide. No country is exempt, and San Francisco was named one of the worst areas in the United States for the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we'd like to highlight one Bay Area organization that is helping survivors rebuild and find meaningful careers through coding.

AnnieCannons is a mission-driven web-development company that trains human trafficking survivors to be successful software professionals. Most students are adult women with children who were born and trafficked in the United States. After undergoing rigorous training and practice, students are hired at market rates. With access to child-care, counseling, and work flexibility, they are given the opportunity to build meaningful careers.

Poverty is one of the main contributing factors to human trafficking. By equipping its students with the necessary skills to build self-esteem and earn a good living, AnnieCannons hopes to break the cycle of exploitation, once and for all. Consider hiring AnnieCannons for your web-development needs, or donate here.