Cultural Awareness and Positive Social Change


The People's Conservatory (TPC) fosters high-level arts creation, study, and performance to promote cultural awareness and positive social change. As artist-educators, TPC helps young artists reveal themselves by facilitating experiences that focus on growth and expansion. TPC's curriculum incorporates a wide range of teachings rooted in ethnic and cultural studies, using students' inherent artistic voices to make them the next generation of culture keepers.

TPC trains young artist explorers, with a dedicated focus on brown and black youth from marginalized and economically blighted communities, to envision and create a humane and just world through their art. Their faculty of working artistic professionals helps young people find their creative voices, re-imagine their communities' most pressing social problems, and transform from cultural consumers to cultural producers. Students in conservatory develop a lifelong commitment to learning by using their voice and agency to become tomorrow's new leaders.

To expand their reach, The People's Conservatory launched TPC University, a radical new distance-learning arts platform supporting schools, families, and communities with high-level, culturally transformative, justice-based arts training. TPC arts modalities are music, dance, visual art, media, and literary arts and their teaching pedagogy is ARCTIVISM—a modern, constructivist pedagogical framework that underscores the principles of democracy: unity, justice, and liberty.