Engaging the Tech Donor


The tech community is a hub of wealth and innovation, making it a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits. Not your traditional donors, nonprofits may be unprepared for the new ideas and expectations these individuals bring to the table. In an attempt to close the information gap, Campbell & Company interviewed a panel of 21 tech philanthropists to better understand their approach to giving.

Who is the tech donor?

  • Tech donors tend to be transient and mobile - they may change jobs frequently or relocate for the next big opportunity. Their assets are not necessarily liquid, with unrealized stock and pending IPOs making up a big part of their wealth.
  • They are passionate about achieving social impact on a global scale. They may not personally identify as philanthropists and often want someone they can look to as a role model for giving.
  • Tech donors want to solve big problems and are extremely data-driven.

So what does this mean for nonprofits? Investing in data is a must. Also, make giving easy with a simple to use online platform where they can manage communication and quickly access information. Let them get hands-on with site visits, a volunteer event, or board work - they want to understand how the organization works and may require a little bit of a philanthropy education. Finally, make it social: event fundraisers were the tech donor's preferred approach to being solicited for donations. LEARN MORE