Funding Opportunities for Women Telling Women’s Stories


International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) is working to rewrite the narrative of women in the media. Since inception in 1990, the HAND grant recipient has supported, protected, and recognized the work of female journalists and highlighted the untold stories of women and the issues affecting them in the world today. IWMF is currently accepting applications for the following grants, funds, and awards:

    • Kim Wall Memorial Fund: $5,000 will be awarded to a female journalist whose work carries on the legacy of Kim Wall, best known for her coverage of "the undercurrents of rebellion".
    • Underreported Stories Grant: grants will average $10,000-$15,000 to female journalists covering underreported issues. This round will feature forced agriculture labor in Texas.
    • Reporting Grants for Women's Stories: sponsored by The Secular Society, approximately $5,000 grants will be given to female journalists bringing to light gender topics affecting women that otherwise go unreported.
    • Anja Niedringhaus Award: in honor of Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer, Anja Niedringhaus, $1 million will be awarded to a woman photojournalist who captures moments of humanity amidst the devastation of conflict and crisis.

Application deadlines range from January 19th to February 2nd. To apply or learn more about the work of IWMF and the women they support, please go HERE.