Future-Proofing Fundraising with TikTok


TikTok exploded in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when people sought entertainment online — often in the form of viral choreography. These days, non-profit organizations adopt the platform to spread their cause and engage with a younger audience. Young viewers may not have money to give now, but connecting with them on emerging platforms is one way to expand a charity's donor pipeline and tap into their passion for advocacy.

TikTok is popular with people in their teens and early 20s. However, it's not as time-tested as social-media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and because the users are so young, some non-profits hesitate to get on board. But building an audience on TikTok is a simple way for charities to reach a larger audience, even if many of those individuals can't provide financial support at the moment, says Nathalie Ormrod, senior media strategist at consultancy Blue State. Ormrod calls this strategy "future-proofing."

Charities — including those that raise money with the app's donation icon — use the social media platform for more than just fundraising. It is a way for them to connect, engage, and educate the public on their work while increasing visibility.

Excerpt from "Not Just for Dancing Teens: Some Charities See Potential in TikTok Fundraising"