Gender Equality and Financial Literacy


Only 57 percent of Americans are considered financially literate, meaning they have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage money. Women, in particular, bear its consequences, as financial illiteracy propagates greater inequality. DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation partners with school systems to offer curriculum and teacher training to prepare teens to become better consumers, leaders, and entrepreneurs later on. HAND proudly contributes to FitKit for Girls, their newest curriculum designed to equip young women with the tools they need to achieve greater financial security.

FitKit for Girls builds upon their core module, a 60-unit curriculum that utilizes video, humor, collaboration, and gaming to appeal to students on a variety of financial topics. What sets this program apart is that it also addresses the unique mindset and beliefs that young women have around money. Even after the official program ends, conversations with students, educators, parents, and community members continue, confronting the need for a systemic shift in the way women prepare for their financial futures. LEARN MORE