Generation Equality Forum


Generation Equality Action Coalitions is a platform designed to build an equal, inclusive, and resilient post-pandemic world for millions of women and girls. In partnership with the United Nation's Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions on Technology and Innovation, Global Fund for Women leads the way to catalyze new and better investments and commitments toward gender equality. 

Harassment aimed to silence feminists grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of technology tools and infrastructures grew to unprecedented levels increasing the equality gap. These tools are designed to organize and advocate online to work toward de-colonialization, anti-oppression, justice, and liberation. 

The Technology and Innovation Action Coalition is mobilizing partnerships, funding, and resources toward the following goals by 2026:  

  • Reduce by half the gender digital divide across generations by accelerating meaningful access to digital technologies and universal digital literacy 
  • Increase investments toward feminist technology and innovation by 50% to support women's leadership as innovators and better respond to women and girls' most pressing needs 
  • Double the proportion of women working in technology and innovation by setting up new networks and benchmarks to transform innovation ecosystems 
  • A majority of countries and tech companies demonstrate accountability by implementing policies and solutions against online and tech-facilitated gender-based violence and discrimination