Google Commits 50,000 Pro Bono Hours to Nonprofits


Last year, a team of Google employees signed up to work full-time for a nonprofit that builds digital tools to protect children from online abuse and catch perpetrators - free of charge. The six-month pilot was such a success that Google has committed 50,000 more employee hours to charity. The Fellowship program stands to make an impact on the organizations they support, as well as the employees that participate.

Last year's participants worked at Thorn, where they deployed artificial intelligence to identify data patterns that can identify abusers and find victims faster. The learnings were crucial, including the need for future partners to have a strong tech team already in place to maintain the work once the Googlers are gone. Google will also choose projects that benefit from its strengths, like machine learning, mapping, and big data.

The fellowship evolved out of feedback Google received from many of its grant recipients. Nonprofits want to utilize technology better, but often have trouble finding and retaining top talent. It's clear how Google can be instrumental in helping with that and Google employees also benefit: pilot participants reported enhanced leadership skills and a deeper connection to their work. LEARN MORE