Directs $11.5 Million to Racial Justice

3/28/2017 is increasing its efforts to improve racial justice in the U.S. Since 2015, they have granted $5 million to nonprofits that share this objective. Now, an additional $11.5 million has been committed to support criminal justice reform. thinks better data is part of the answer and it has been a factor when selecting grant recipients. For example, Center for Policing Equity uses data science to identify equity problems and then works with police and their communities to solve them. Another organization, Measures for Justice, is collecting and analyzing data to rank counties on their criminal justice system performance and then publishes the results online. Also selected were organizations that help innmates transition back into society after being released from prison. To quote's principal, Justin Steele, the "hope [is] that their focus on data and community-driven solutions will bring us closer to a more just society." LEARN MORE