Helping Workers Navigate a Changing Market

8/7/2017 has taken significant strides to close the opportunity gap. They recently announced a $50 million initiative to help underserved people secure new jobs in today's competitive, technology-driven climate. These funds aim to better connect job seekers with the right employers, make technical training more widespread and accessible, and improve job quality for low-wage workers on a global scale.

To optimize the job search process, funding will go to organizations like Bayes Impact. Located in France, they use machine learning to offer customized search tips for job seekers to connect to the right opportunities. is also investing in research to identify the most successful technical training programs. One such grant recipient, Social Finance, is looking at which youth training programs give people the best chance for success. And while service jobs continue to grow, support for these workers has diminished. Accordingly, some funds will go to organizations like the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Using their service known as Alia, workers can contribute money to a pool that they can later draw upon during times of tragedy. Together, these initiatives stand to make a meaningful impact in leveling the economic playing field. LEARN MORE