Housing aid with HIP Housing

In San Mateo, California, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is just over $2,000 a month. This figure greatly exceeds what most people in the area can afford. To make matters worse, San Mateo has very little public housing units available for its citizens. Waiting list for the ones that are available are, as of this writing, closed indefinitely. Fortunately, HIP Housing, a private non-profit organization, provides housing services to the community through funds raised from corporate and individual donors.

HIP Housing has three main programs that fuel their mission of empowering families and individuals to live happier, more independent and self-sufficient lives through housing and mentoring programs. One such program, Home Sharing, has served 55,000 people since 1979. Home Sharing matches people who have bedrooms available in their homes with renters who seek housing. Seniors, working persons, students, veterans, emancipated foster youths, and persons with disabilities have successfully used Home Sharing to find more affordable housing.

HIP Housing's second program, the Self-Sufficiency Program (SSP), is currently aiding seventy families to become self-reliant by offering low-income parents housing assistance while they attend school or a job-training program. SSP subsidizes rent for one to two years while providing parents with services such as one-on-one coaching, financial education, monthly skill-building workshops, and career guidance.

HIP Housing's third program, Property Development, has been in place since 1989. Over the years, HIP Housing has purchased and developed housing units for low-income households. Their portfolio includes 239 housing units in 14 properties throughout the San Mateo area. Their housing units provide homes for over 400 adults and children every year.
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