How Data is Being Used to Measure the Iranian-American Impact


Pirooz Parvarandeh, the founder of the Iranian-Americans' Contributions Project (IACP), recently presented at Stanford University's Iranian Studies program about the research and data-mining techniques​ ​his​ ​organization uses to measure the contributions of Iranian-Americans to society. The HAND Foundation has supported IACP in its efforts to collect data and conduct over 40 interviews with notable Iranian-Americans that are published in The Huffington Post.

Amidst the charged political climate around immigration, Pirooz and his team are attempting to quantitatively offer an objective picture of the role Iranian-Americans play in the U.S. IACP looks at fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and technology, with a special interest in the advancement of science and the humanities. According to Pirooz, their database and software not only capture the number of Iranian-American physicians and lawyers in the U.S. for example, but also the patents they generate, which contribute to job creation and GDP. IACP aims to partner with media organizations to bring more mainstream coverage to this demographic. LEARN MORE