How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors


The world watched helplessly as Hurricane Harvey transcended upon the Gulf Coast late last month. The category four hurricane broke the record for rainfall on U.S. mainland, as entire Texas neighborhoods were submerged under water and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. The Huffington Post offers ways you can help, through donations, volunteer work, giving blood, and even providing accommodations for evacuees.

In addition to the organizations leading invaluable rescue and relief efforts, many groups are seeking support for especially vulnerable populations, like children, animals, and the elderly. The Texas Diaper Bank is collecting funds to put together disaster relief kits for families with young children. Portlight is caring for the special needs of the disabled and elderly who have been displaced by the storm. And with so many pets lost, left behind, and in need of shelter, rescue efforts by organizations like The Humane Society of the United States and Best Friends Animal Society are in desperate need of volunteers and funding.

With the shutdown of so many blood banks along the Texas coast, centers have put out calls for extra donors. You can search for local blood drives in your area or make an appointment through the Red Cross. You can also offer your home to evacuees. Airbnb launched a portal to help survivors find a place to stay, where all fees are waived for those affected by the storm. The devastation of Hurricane Harvey will be long-felt and will require the world's ongoing support. Learn more about ways you can help, HERE.