IT Company Hires Autistic Adults, Everyone Benefits


Auticon is an IT consultancy company comprised solely of tech professionals on the autism spectrum. Initially founded in Berlin in 2011, Auticon is now becoming a multi-national company with offices throughout Europe and the United States. This for-profit enterprise not only strives to create jobs for autistic people but also drastically change public misperceptions.

According to studies, only 16 percent of autistic adults have full-time jobs, yet 77 percent would like to work. Most autistic people struggle socially, which makes finding and keeping a job hard. But their strengths, like pattern matching and error detection, often makes them ideal candidates for IT work. Auticon founder Dirk Müller-Remus saw this as a real waste of talent and sought to change that.

Auticon employees are paid market salaries and given the opportunity to work on innovative IT projects at some of the top companies (BMW, Siemens, and Allianz - to name a few). Rather than working remotely, consultants go onsite, giving clients a unique opportunity to see autistic people in a new light. In a very short time, Auticon has become strong competitor amongst IT consultancies, while managing to break down false stereotypes. LEARN MORE