Innovative Florida School has Students Graduating Debt-Free


When it comes to higher education in the United States, access and affordability are the biggest barriers to entry. Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is looking to change that, by offering its empty seats to gifted high school students. FAU High School operates on the university's campus, where students can earn dual high school and undergrad degrees in four years - debt free.

Each year, over 700 of the best and brightest Florida students apply for one of FAU High's 140 seats. After year one, they integrate alongside other university students taking undergraduate curriculum. A majority of FAU High students earn their college degree by the time they turn 19 and over half go on to enter advanced degree programs.

Currently, Florida Atlantic receives $7,000 in state funding for each student admitted to FAU High. However, the program has been such a success that they have started $41.5 million fundraising campaign to further enhance the program. So far, only $2.5 million has been raised, but interest is high. If other U.S. universities choose to adopt this approach, public education as we know it would be forever changed. LEARN MORE