Is Laughter the Best Medicine for Climate Change?


Comedy, climate change, and female empowerment? "Mothers of Invention" achieves all three. The podcast run by two women - former head of state Mary Robinson and Irish comedian Maeve Higgins - shares the stories of real women on the ground battling climate change. The pairs' witty banter mixed with solid analysis lightens an otherwise dire topic and makes solutions plausible.

"Mothers of Invention" is backed by Doc Society, a grantee of the Compton Foundation - the first time we've seen a podcast supported by a foundation. After a lengthy and dubious development stage, it's now in its second season with over 50,000 subscribers. Such popularity illustrates the significant role philanthropy can play in testing out new ways to engage people on pressing topics.

Aside from being one of the few podcasts devoted to climate change, "Mothers of Invention" is also unique in its story-telling approach: featuring the voice of the everyday heroes, particularly women, fighting for change. Listeners are likely to walk away with a good laugh and a few ideas of their own. LEARN MORE