Khan Academy Founder Nominated Visionary of the Year


The San Francisco Chronicle will name six nominees for its Visionary of the Year award. For the fourth year in a row, it will award $25,000 to the leader driving social and economic change through innovation and fresh business practices. Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, has been nominated. His online education tool hopes to make a world-class education accessible to anyone in the world.

Khan Academy has grown substantially over the last 10 years, with more than 62 million registered users across 190 countries. What could have been a money-maker, Khan Academy is always free and plans to stay that way. Study subjects include fundamentals like math, science, grammar, and SAT test prep, as well as specialized lessons in topics like bitcoin and mortgage-backed securities. Accessible in 18 different languages, Khan Academy is leveling the educational playing field. But according to Khan, there is plenty more work to be done. The self-proclaimed nerd wants to see his site engage one billion kids during his lifetime.

The Visionary of the Year award winner will be announced at the end of March and featured in the Chronicle on April 8th. To read more about Khan's story and the other nominees, please go HERE.