Launching a Social Enterprise


There is no universal path for social entrepreneurship. 

Muhammad Mustafa and Suniya Sadullah Khan, co-founded Mauqa Online to make all homes a happier place both for domestic workers and their customers. Their strategy is to disrupt the traditional way of finding household help by empowering women, improve transparency and safety in the domestic labor market, and increase household incomes to provide a foothold out of generational poverty. They share their experience with four key learnings to help the next wave of leaders seeking to change the status quo for social good. 

  1. Approach decision-makers more quickly.
  2. When at a fork in the road, just move. 
  3. Race to show product-market fit, and then make a big effort to raise twice what you think you need.
  4. Beware the allure of “heropreneurship.”

Mauqa Online is a social enterprise in Pakistan that offers pathways to employment for uneducated, low-income workers—especially illiterate women—by providing on-demand domestic helpers for services like house cleaning, babysitting, cooking, and elderly care.