Lean In Podcast Brings Weekly Inspiration


Lean In recently launched Tilted, a podcast dedicated to addressing gender bias and highlighting the work of inspiring women. Tilted's host, Rachel Thomas, has been with Lean In since the beginning and advises for several women's advocacy groups. So far, the podcast has covered topics ranging from likeability bias in politics to a men-ask-anything Q & A session with Sheryl Sandberg.

Last week's episode, Raising Confident Girls, will appeal to anyone with a young girl in their life. It's well-documented that during middle school, girls experience a dramatic drop in confidence - more so than boys. At that time, girls become more hesitant to raise their hand in class for fear of getting it wrong, looking bad, or disappointing others. Key experts in the field weighed in, offering important insights about girls' push for perfection and how it limits their achievements. Listeners are given a variety of techniques to help encourage the girls they love to take chances, make mistakes, and build confidence and resiliency. Only a few episodes in, it's not too late to get caught up on each of these thought-provoking episodes. LEARN MORE