Michelle Obama Teams Up with GoFundMe to Educate Girls


A powerful alliance was made this week when GoFundMe and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, came together to launch the Global Girls Alliance (GGA) Fund to target girls' education. The fund is a crucial step in the Obama Foundation's larger initiative to empower girls through education and the first time the fundraising platform has partnered with a foundation to build a micro-site geared towards a specific cause. Together, they hope to give these organizations the visibility and firepower they need to scale for impact.

Nearly one in five girls are currently not in school. Getting support to grassroots organizations in this space is crucial, as they understand the real hurdles these girls and their communities face. GoFundMe has changed the philanthropy game by making giving a social experience that anyone can participate in, regardless of donation size. When paired with Michelle Obama's powerful brand and influence, these charities can reach all new donors. The former First Lady has been a long-time champion for girls education. As she so eloquently puts it: "the evidence is clear: educating girls isn't just good for the girls, it's good for all of us." LEARN MORE