New Solutions Emerge to Fight Fake News


While many organizations have stepped up to fight fake news, few have managed to take their solutions from concept to action. Earlier this year, The Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund, and Rita Allen Foundation launched an open call for ideas that would improve the flow of accurate information. Out of 800 ideas, 20 winners were chosen to share in the $1 million pot to bring their projects to life.

Beyond citizen engagement and fact-checking to educate and build trust, these projects incorporate technology, like gaming and machine learning. The Glorious ContextuBot, for example, provides the original source of sound bites and lets you know when they aired on the news. Another project uses algorithms to score web-based journalism for quality in real-time. will automatically update and list fake news websites and offer easy-to-use tools for ad buyers to block flagged domains.

The threat of misinformation is unprecedented. Although these endeavors are still in their infancy, they have set the tactical standard for those to come. LEARN MORE