Nonprofit Seeks to Pave Path to Employment


Improving educational outcomes remains a consistent focus in philanthropy, but access to education does not always translate into real-world success. Low income, first-generation graduates and adult learners may especially struggle with navigating today's competitive landscape. Strada Education Network seeks to help these students transition from school to successful careers. They have put out a request for proposals for new ways to advance and scale education-to-employment pathways.

Strada utilizes research, strategic philanthropy, and critical partnerships to drive forward its mission of achieving universal realized potential. Since 2014, they have invested $100 million to address each phase of the student lifecycle. They also paired-up with Gallup to build the nation's largest set of education consumer data.

Now, they plan to use $5 million to fund another five to seven organizations for three-year projects. Proposals should address innovative ways to spark collaboration between three out of the four key players: employers, community-based organizations, education providers, and the public sector. The deadline for submitting proposals is July 23rd. LEARN MORE