Nonprofits Ramp Up Their Donor Stewardship


For many years, we have seen large universities and hospitals with donor relations and stewardship staff but now smaller charities are starting to hire staff, to boost their fundraising. With the help of board members and current staff, new stewardship staff show appreciation by sending thank you notes, gifts, perks and hosting events for their donors. 

Why the increase? Some researchers say that it's easier, and less costly, to retain a donor than it is to attract a new one, so investing time and money in thank-yous, invitations to special events, birthday calls, and other ways to say thanks is well worth it. It enables donor-relations staff to focus on asking for gifts rather than on crafting gratitude letters or tracking down data. And many nonprofits are starting to see the basics of donor relations — getting a tax receipt out quickly, thanking donors, and keeping them informed about the organization, as an industry standard.

Experts warn charities to start small. Get the basics down of thank yous sent out on time and then they can move up to birthday wishes, creative gifts and thank you videos. LEARN MORE