Norooz Spring Dance


The Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies and HAND grantee, Diaspora Arts Connection, proudly presents Norooz Spring Dance to celebrate the Persian New Year's arrival, Norooz. Norooz is a celebration of nature, music, and movement. No matter where you are in the world, we want to bring Norooz to your home. This project highlights a rare collaboration between Aisan Hoss, a contemporary-Iranian dancer, and pioneer choreographer Haydeh Kishipour. Kishipour is one of the pillars of Iranian dance inside Iran, who has continued to teach even after the revolution. Sit back and enjoy the music and dances of Iran, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan and let the music and beauty of the movements sink in your soul. Aisan Hoss and Dancers will be accompanied by musicians led by Nariman Asadi in their performances.

Join the celebration on Facebook and YouTube on Friday, March 19 at 6:00 pm (PST). This is a free event.