Online Community Helps Women Earn Fair Pay


We're well aware that women on average earn less than men and hold fewer executive roles. But knowing you deserve a raise and asking for one are two entirely different things. Ladies Get Paid (LGP) is a donation-based online community that gives women the tools to negotiate for equal pay and advance their careers.

When women sign up online, they immediately connect to a private network of over 30,000 women, across all 50 states and more than 60 countries. LGP is well-known for its salary negotiation course - an hour-long video instruction to help participants shift their mindset and ask for the raise they want. The course also includes a 50-page toolkit with scripts, role plays, and exercises to help them prepare for tough conversations.

While courses like this one aren't free, LGP membership is and unlocks a host of other tools and services, including workshops, town halls, local meetups, and a Slack channel for women to share workplace challenges and advice. To close the wage gap, women need to earn more money, and LGP is helping them get there.