Putting People First Allows the Best Outcomes


According to Mimi Kravitz, "Putting people first allows the best outcomes." Previously a human resources executive at Google, Mimi's been hired by Hillel International to implement a professional development strategy rarely seen at nonprofits. Where organizations are rewarded for low overhead and employees earn far less than their corporate counterparts, Hillel is investing in efforts to attract and retain talent by increasing pay and offering ongoing education and training courses. So far they have raised over $50 million from donors to do it.

Hillel International is the world's largest Jewish campus organization, facilitating Jewish programs and networks across more than 550 colleges and universities. Employees are responsible for fundraising and interacting with students on a daily basis. Being well versed in Judaism and Jewish culture is key to the organization's success, and donors clearly get that. Great people are a known cornerstone to every great business. Investing in these professionals will yield returns beyond their employment term as they move on to new roles and continue contributing to society. LEARN MORE