Results are in: Anti-Slavery Org has Liberated over 10,000 Victims


The Freedom Fund pools resources from private investors to fight modern slavery. For the biggest impact they focus on "hotspots" where slavery is most prevalent, currently targeting central Nepal, Ethiopia, northern India, south-eastern Nepal, southern India, and Thailand, with efforts in Brazil and Myanmar on the horizon. They back grassroots anti-slavery organizations and engage with local governments and other change-makers to address the underlying causes of slavery.

Freedom Fund was founded in 2013 by Humanity United, Legatum Foundation and Minderoo Foundation - all major players in the anti-slavery movement. Although still a young organization, they have already attracted big donations and partnerships with organizations like Stardust Fund, C&A Foundation, and Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Focused on measurable outcomes, they recently released their impact results through 2016. Here are some of the highlights:

    • $17.5 million invested in hotspot programs since inception
    • 10,897 victims liberated from any form of slavery
    • 25,726 individuals with new access to government services
    • 4,568 community freedom groups funded
    • 28,028 at-risk children now in school

Please go here for the full report.