The rate of sexual assaults is now the same in high school that it is in college - one in five girls will be affected. Parents usually do not know what to do, and most schools do not have a system in place to help these victims. For many young victims, especially teens, there is a backlash from their peers after coming forward with their story. PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment), is a national nonprofit working to prevent sexual assault and heal survivors. They have launched Safe BAE (Before Anyone Else), as a resource for schools to address assaults and a roadmap on what to do next. SafeBae is a student-focused organization that educates teens in schools on consent and helps sexual assault victims. 

Safe BAE is a toolkit for students to set up campaigns to talk about sexual violence, consent and harassment at their schools. Students can start their own school chapters, or "SafeBAE Squads," and receive readymade flyers to use. They are also introduced to their Title IX rights to go to school without facing gender-based harassment.