Salary Report Reveals You Can Earn a Living Working for a Nonprofit


Career Contessa is a professional resource hub designed for women. From job listings and informational interviews to career counseling and investment advice, the website empowers women with the tools to get ahead professionally and financially. They have been collecting salary data for years and now users can access this data via an interactive database. The Salary Project recently pulled numbers for women working for nonprofits and were surprised to find that salary potential was more lucrative than expected.

Although a big paycheck is not guaranteed, it's certainly possible. The data shows that similar to its for-profit counterpart, there is a wide salary range that improves with experience: a 30-year old marketing manager in Florida earns $42,000, while a senior VP in Seattle makes $180,000. To access the complete database, users must anonymously submit their salary data. The hope is that greater transparency will embolden more women to ask for that raise and narrow the wage gap. LEARN MORE