Single Stop: A New Pathway for Economic Mobility

Over 46 million Americans live in poverty. There are many government and nongovernment organizations providing social services for people who are in need. Yet, despite the availability of these services, many people who need help do not know what opportunities are available to them. Now, thanks to Single Stop, they will.

Single Stop is creating a new pathway for economic mobility in America by ensuring that the resources reach the people who need them most. The organization provides an online platform that simplifies the qualification process for government benefits and allows anyone to conduct a self-screening to see what's available to them. Once they've gone through the screening process, clients are given an estimate of how much aid they're eligible to receive, and they can contact recommended benefit providers directly through the platform. Their innovative approach helps to break the cycle of poverty by combining existing financial resources with opportunities for education, counseling, training, and support—a powerful recipe for lifelong financial stability. To date, Single Stop has served 1 million families in 8 states across the United States by connecting them with nearly $3 billion in resources and services. According to CEO Elisabeth Mason, the organization seeks to create the nation's first " for social services and government benefits".

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